Northern Empires is a webcomic by Derek Bacon. It’s about a Cat Wizard and his young Ward, and the tomfoolery they get up to.


Huck: A wizarding cat, he owns a shop where he sells spells. Caught Chester trying to steal from his shop, made him work in his shop as punishment. Ever since they’ve been the best of friends, with Huck considering Chester like the son he never had.

Chester: Huck’s young ward. He is often overly curious, with no ability to see more than two seconds ahead. Was wandering the streets as an orphan before Huck decided to take him in as his Ward. Huck is the first father figure he has had.

Lance Bastard-Sword: Chester’s pet Pegacorn. Lance’s manic energy often only snowballs the terrible ideas that Chester concocts. Huck often has to keep Lance and Chester in line when the two get together.

Mrs. Berktrim: Chester’s demon teacher. She hates her job and her students, and is committed to making life at school a living hell for Chester.


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